Tuesday, June 24, 2008


ab wanted me to nominate her to be a contestant on what not to wear, breast cancer episode-- she plays that card whenever she can-- but i didn't think she was enough of a disaster to make it, regardless of my glowing nomination. i mean, sure, she buys the same tshirt in 30 different colors-- and sizes!-- and calls it a "seasonal wardrobe," but she's just not enough of a disaster for tlc. ab reluctantly agreed, but suggested instead that we become executive producers of a new (and better!) show called how to do it just A BIT BETTER.

Just because we are queens of this little blogdom doesn't mean you should take any of our advice or opinions too seriously, unless you think we are SERIOUSLY funny, brilliant, cute & charming, compelling, remarkable, sophisticated, extraordinary, or on to something bigger and a bit better.

side note: stacy london was my friend's freshman year roommate at someexpensiveliberalarts college in the middle of somesecondrateghetto, ny. i've heard all sorts of stories. anyway, we were gonna use our connection so we could pitch abb to her, but blogging seems to be a way better idea for now, at least until we hammer out some-- err-- kinks.

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  1. You know what's a bit better than having nothing to do at work...having nothing to do at work and then angling your monitor just out of your colleagues' sight so that you can read your favorite blog by two of the most beautiful and talented women you've ever encountered.

    Thanks ab and dh for making my life that much better.