Sunday, August 23, 2009

garden revisited

every day when i come home from work i check on my tomatoes. finally, after waiting almost a month, these two beauties made their debut. they are the first two to ripen, but i know their appearance is the beginning of an onslaught of tomato goodness.

i threw some radish seeds in the ground about a month ago and after seeing the worms had gotten to the leaves, pretty much gave up on them. to my surprise, when i was weeding this afternoon i saw the top of a radish poking out of the ground. i probably could have waited for them to get a bit bigger, but in my excitement, i pulled them all. some of them are pretty small but considering i had written them off, i would call it a success.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Party Dress

I did it!! Thanks to Cathy, an amazing teacher at Spool, I sewed a dress from a pattern!  I took the 4 week Party Dress class and learned so much about darts, zippers, lining and skirt gathering.  I met some awesome women, including a fellow CHOP worker.  I learned that I cannot just decide which aspects of a pattern I want to include in my finished product and I learned that being mindful when I cut a pattern is key. 

As you may imagine from my gorgeous model above, the dress doesn't exactly fit me like a glove (granted, it is NOT zippered on jed).   It looks much cuter with a belt, and I just might wear it to one of the 7 wedding related parties i have in the next 3 months.  Or maybe i'll sew myself up something that fits better.  Either way, I am a proud as a peacock and can't wait to keep up the (better) work. 

Monday, August 3, 2009

weekend recap

basil, squash, sage and thyme from my garden. my laziness in not harvesting the dill resulted in some beautiful flowers for my table. sometimes laziness does pay off.

fresh smoothies for breakfast. strawberry, cherry, blueberry, banana with some trader joe's organic vanilla yogurt (which has now edged out stoneyfield farms as my fave)

photo shoot with the Shuka. she's been staying with us for the past month but she's going home to her mom soon. she pretends she doesn't like us, but i know the truth.

potato samosas for a party i went to on saturday night. a little more effort than i usually make but oh so worth it.

went to fallen fruit's annual Fruit Jam, where you bring home-grown or found fruit (i cheated and bought oranges at the farmers market) and everyone gathers together and makes jam. i am now the proud owner of four jars of mixed berry jam. delish.