Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Party Dress

I did it!! Thanks to Cathy, an amazing teacher at Spool, I sewed a dress from a pattern!  I took the 4 week Party Dress class and learned so much about darts, zippers, lining and skirt gathering.  I met some awesome women, including a fellow CHOP worker.  I learned that I cannot just decide which aspects of a pattern I want to include in my finished product and I learned that being mindful when I cut a pattern is key. 

As you may imagine from my gorgeous model above, the dress doesn't exactly fit me like a glove (granted, it is NOT zippered on jed).   It looks much cuter with a belt, and I just might wear it to one of the 7 wedding related parties i have in the next 3 months.  Or maybe i'll sew myself up something that fits better.  Either way, I am a proud as a peacock and can't wait to keep up the (better) work. 


  1. ab, it looks fabulous! the fabric is so cute. when am i coming for my fitting so i can get my one of a kind from the bronstein collection?

  2. let's see it on you, Mrs. Bronstein!

    also, do you have a sewing machine? if not, are you going to get one? if so, which do you recommend?

    xxx mm

  3. go 'head ab!! your dress looks fantastic! i think jed has found a new look. he be lookin good in blue:)

  4. Meg - I do have a sewing machine at home. I LOVE it. Jed bought it for me as an x-mas gift last year. I'll send you the exact specs - it's a brother.

    Jess - see you THIS MONTH!!

  5. if it looks that good on Jed it must be smashing on you!! I hope you do wear it. so proud of you I'm kvelling.