Saturday, September 19, 2009

One Night Only! It's back and better than ever!

Please join us on Friday, October 2 at Luxe Home for a very special party to benefit Women's Medical Fund. Your ticket includes drinks, delicious food and the promise of a great evening.

Did you know that women on Medicaid are not covered by their federal policy for abortions?
Did you know that any woman receiving medical benefits through the federal government is ineligible to access funding for their own reproductive choice? That includes all federal employees, all soldiers, all women using Peace Corps insurance.

Healthcare reform is very complex and we've all heard the debates about a public option and the unfortunate truth that the people who have the least to loose fight the loudest. I am am terrified that women and children are being left out of the reform debate because they are not represented by powerful, wealthy lobbying groups. Believe what you will about the future of our country's healthcare services, but know that it is a FACT that women will be negatively effected disproportionately than men; and poor women will be hit hardest. WMF believes that reproductive choice is essential, but recognizes that without access, choice is meaningless. By providing direct financial assistance to low-income women, they equalize the playing field, giving poor females the same options that have always been available to their better-heeled peers.

Supporting WMF is an easy act of activism. The money you donate will go directly to the organization. It will not be used in national marketing campaigns and you will not see any specially colored products at the store claiming to raise awareness about this cause. I am asking you, as one who has previously fundraised for another major event in October, honor me and my "survivorness" by making a donation to WMF. Sadly, the money you donate to Komen next month (or any month) will not do as much good as claimed in protecting young women from getting breast cancer. The money you donate to WMF will literally change a woman's life IN YOUR COMMUNITY. This is your chance. And all you have to do is buy a ticket to a really fun party.

Can't come on Oct. 2? No problem. You can buy raffle tickets for $10 each and take your shot at winning 1 of the 3 amazing grand prizes:
  • Luxe Home package that includes a sofa valued at $2,500 and design consultation session
  • 2-night stay (with dinner) at the Hotel Du Village in New Hope
  • Moore Brothers Wine Company "Tutored Tasting" for 24-36 people to be held at your home (or another suitable location)
Check out this awesome article about WMF. Hope to see you on Oct. 2.

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  1. You make a passionate and cogent case for Womens Medical Fund. Thanks for all your support. See you on October 2nd!