Saturday, October 24, 2009


I've been lucky enough to have spent the past week in the most amazing Bolt House, on the inaugural Lithe Escape. I will write more when I get home tomorrow, but wanted to share some of Lauren's photos now. Check them out at on Lauren's blog NOW. Lauren just reminded me that I've worked out 12 hours this week - which is about 12 hours more than usual. I've also worked for 0 hours, which is really amazing. I'm tan, detoxed and I feel stronger. I hope that Jed will be as excited about 1308's new nutrition and exercise regime as I am.

I strongly recommend a trip like this for your 30th birthday.


  1. welcome home!! can't wait to hear more about it. what a great bday present to yourself! xoxo

  2. this sounds interesting! congrats on being tan, detoxed and feeling stronger! i wish i were those things! tee hee :)