Tuesday, July 1, 2008

a co-queen's quibble

i know, i know, abb would be a bit better if we posted more than once a week. but i have no idea what kind of readership we'll have-- if any at all. actually, sometimes i don't even think my co-queen, ab, is reading this. which reminds me...

our blog would be a bit better if ab ever got around to posting. as it is, she mostly spends her downtime twiddling away at her fancy desk in her fancy office in front of her computer drooling over advances in communications technology, searching websites that offer personal shopping services, or sending me another irreverent but unbelievably relevant ecard. all this aside, i think we'd all benefit from a debut post (ha! bjork's first two lps!) from ab, so let's encourage her to loosen her tie and conjure her creative spirit so we can finally get some fruit from that old crabapple tree, or something like that.

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