Saturday, July 26, 2008

nail polish

nail salons would be abb if they provided a special "custom color-matching" service, where their "color consultants" would determine the best nail color for each "client" based on hair color, complexion, wardrobe palette, and that particular evening's activity. these appropriately paid professionals would instill in the client a much-needed confidence, who would leave confident that there is not a more perfect color of polish in existence.

instead, when i asked kim if "marshmallow white" was right for me, she smiled patiently and politely nodded yes, which is also exactly what she did when i asked about "electric orange." needless to say, she was wrong about both (or maybe she misunderstood the question?). now i will have to remove that vile orange paint from my freshly buffed digits to apply a fresh coat of "ballet slipper," my safe, stand-by pale pink. tg for acetone.


  1. Ashley has an amazing story re: nail stylist telling her that the color she choose wasn't really "a popular" color and that Chanel is just a name. the color was just right for her and she was literally earning her salary as a trend watcher or setter or something. It was at a fancy spa off of RH square.