Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pat on My Back

This morning, at the start of my 7am meeting, my boss stood up and presented me with a little commemorative pin to celebrate my 5 year anniversary as a CHOP employee. I knew the milestone was around the corner, but it kind of snuck up on me. Erin and I first met at CHOP orientation. We started on the same day and instantly fell in love. She was the 1st person i told that i was going to break up with my boyfriend of 5 years too long. (He found out a few days later). It's definitely bitter sweet for me to think of the past 5 years...

In the past 60 months, I started at an organization I believe in; ended that other relationship; lived on my own; strengthened the most amazing friendship; met jed; got cancer; finished grad school; started my 2nd CHOP job; got rid of cancer; got married; lost Erin; started amazing friendships; ended others; and through it all, I found out who I am and who I want to be. WHEW! not bad for one's mid 20s.

Looking back, I have no idea how it was possible to have the energy to squish all of it into 5 years. But i am going to relax for a little while, pour some out for my home girl and give myself a nice pat on the back.


  1. i consider myself lucky to be included in one of the new friendships you've started. congrats on your milestone, we'll celebrate in style on sunday! xoxo

  2. your job is a bit better because of you, as am i... after all, what would my blog be without a blog?

  3. happy anniversary to you! And btw thank you for who you are, all that you have done and for making Erin's life way more than a bit better. It's an occasion we should all celebrate.

  4. congrats on 5 years. you make popcorn a.b.b.