Monday, December 1, 2008


Now that rkm's cherry is officially popped, here's a bonus post for y'all.

Jed and I came home from work today to find a large, flat box addressed to us from Cardboard Safari. There was no card in the box, but Bucky, the large dear head was! Jed put it together and now it is above our TV. It is EXACTLY what our living room was missing. If you are our secret deer head sending santa, please holler at your girl. Seriously amazing gift. I promise to either keep your secret safe or post my praises for all of the interwebs to read. You choose.


  1. umm...this doesn't even come CLOSE to what i was imagining when you described it to me. it is not even abb than my vision, it is so totally more awesome.

  2. Seriously the best gift ever. The wreaths and trees are so pretty.

  3. i need one of those sooooo badly!!!!!!!!!!!!