Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Postcard From My Momma

About a year ago, I learned about the website Postcards from your momma, and instantly became hooked. When I started reading the site, I was a few months from my wedding and my mom was sending me amazing emails about planning and ideas and flowers and spanx. So i did what many readers did - I submitted one of lo's better emails.

DO NOT GET SPANX. they stop circulation. It could cause fainting spells. Really they are only for the very, very skinny who have nothing to push up or down or around. Get something comfortable and not tight that will just smoth you up and down.

Love the picture. thanks

I rsvp's to the Kick-off lol

This is email gold - it's got it all...the all caps yelling effect, the bizarre rant about an object of underwear, and the lol.

Long story short, the website became a book (duh) and the owners/authors (what are they called? they started the website, but what did they write?) wanted to include lois' email in said book. I am excited to say that Love, Mom is now available and it was great seeing my momma's email on pg. 63.


  1. yay! that is incredible. that email makes me smile every time i read it.

  2. wow! That's amazing. I just read about this book on Daily Candy. Incredible.