Wednesday, July 15, 2009

images from the weekend, on wednesday

another attempt at making bread. not totally successful, but i think i am on the right track.

baby radish leaf, from a bunch of radishes from the farmers market. the realization that you can eat the radish greens made me sad for all the previous bunches that were tossed.

the perfect summer lunch. discovered my new favorite tomato, the red zebra. it's red with orange stripes. almost too pretty to eat. almost.


  1. what kind of iced tea is that?

  2. my new favorite, black and peach. mmm....delish. i am alternating between mainlining this and cold brewed coffee. which, by the way, when i opened up the fridge this morning and realized i had forgotten to make some last night, a small tear trickled down my cheek.

  3. Jess - Is that your stylin travel mug I see???

    AB - thanks for posting the info on the ice coffee. I'm hooked!