Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall is the Best

This weekend, the crew went apple picking and some of us attended an inspiring fundraiser.
Apple picking was so fun - Amazing weather, hot toddies, white wine cupcakes and the funnest crew around.

I'm not sure what could have made the day better. It's official, apple picking is now an annual birthday celebration event.

Barack Steady was organized by a group of civic super stars. Bravo Michi, RMyers, Liz et al. I love how many diverse people came out to support our next president. i can't wait for the victory party.


  1. you know what would have made apple picking ABB? if i was there. i think i am going to need some hot toddies this weekend since i'll be in new england. that, and i'll need the booze to get me through 4 days with my entire extended family. ugh. xoxo

  2. um, I NEVER knew this blog existed Im so abb because if it now.

  3. bummed i missed out but happy you had a blast! cant wait for next year.