Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Have you gone mad?!

I have not gone mad but I am loving me some March Madness. Just so you know, this will be probably be the one and only post of mine discussing sports. Don't get me wrong I consider myself to be quite the sporty spice and I love sporting events, mostly for the people watching, chit chatting and Miller Lite. But I really don't know shit about Basketball or at least enough to discuss in length. I know tall dudes from all over the globe come to the good ol' US of A to play and some people blog about said players. But what I do know is that I have submitted two different brackets in hopes of turning my 15 American dollars into much much more aka winning. I won the pool last year with Kansas winning the final and I chose Kansas because while in Americorps I had the grand opportunity of living in the Sunflower state for a month. This year I have Louisville going all the way. Why Louisville you ask? Einey meeney miney moe! HA! My fingers are crossed and I can't wait for the games to begin!!!


  1. HA! I just entered my work pool also. First time. I choose Villanova winning vs. Mich State. Jed told me that if it happens, I'll be the only person with that match up. good luck to all of us!

  2. i have entered only one march madness pool. i picked the teams based on which city/state i'd rather visit (which i thought was way better than the other, more "girly" option of picking the prettiest uniform). i didn't win, but if i recall correctly, i did way better than some of the other people who agonized over their picks. good luck!

  3. The 'Noles are going to crush!!!!! ray-ray if you want to watch some tallness play while lovingly chanting scalp 'em (no, its not racist :)), I will most likely be watching their first game (Friday at 9:55pm) with lots of beer by my side!!