Monday, March 2, 2009

Sewing Update

So. I sewed, just like I said I would. L00k how cute the pattern is. I think the illustrations look like me. or do the clothes just look like everything I own? No matter because the process didn't go exactly as planned.

Turns out, when making an item of clothing from a pattern, one has to have a solid, working knowledge of accurate measurements. As opposed, to say, just being told that a size 10 would be right.Note to everyone: a size 10 in patterns = clothes that wouldn't fit KB, my tiniest friend. Live and learn. I cut a rad scarf out of the left over fabric. On to the next project!
ps, how cute is lois??


  1. bummer the pattern didn't fit:( but at least you got a pretty scarf out of it:) i agree that the patterns look like you! i say try making that shirt again.

  2. your sewing projects are knocking my socks off. cant wait to see the bandaid bag for miss garner!

  3. i think that, like the models on the pattern, you should be contantly posing with your legs like that and your head titled off to the side. i think that we also need to see a picture of said scarf. xoxo

  4. I love that you called them models. I'll post an update to my update soon.