Thursday, February 5, 2009

be still my beating heart.


While the Bronsteins were gracing us with their presence, we did a little shopping at the farmers market that is near our house. While we strolled from stand to stand, stuffing our face with as many free samples as we could get away with, Ab contemplated buying a 10 lb bag of navel oranges to take home with them. While they ended up opting out of it, the thought was stuck in my head for the whole next week. I love oranges, but I don't eat them nearly enough, especially for a girl who lives in the land of citrus. By the time Sunday rolled around, I was a woman obsessed and made a beeline straight for the stand. But seriously, a girl can only eat so many oranges, and do you know how many oranges are in 10 lbs? Like a million. So, needless to say, after a few days of fresh squeezed orange juice and 2 oranges a day, I began the search for a recipe to use up a few. Enter a recipe I have had bookmarked for over 2 years: Orange Chocolate Chunk Cake


Ina Garten has never failed me and I will continue to be a loyal devotee, because this cake? This cake is in the running for my favorite cake. Ever. I've never really been a fan of the orange/chocolate combo, it's just not something that has ever interested me. But now? Oh I am a huge fan. Huge. Now if you'll excuse me, I think I hear it calling my name and I'd hate for it to feel ignored.


  1. how do you keep from eating the whole cake?
    seriously, tell me the truth...b/c I know I would end up eating at least 1/2 if I was alone in a room w. that.

  2. well, a good 1/3 of it came to work with me and was pawned off on my co-workers. the rest is quickly being eaten in slivers by me and huge chunks by Pete. It will definitely be gone by the weekend. This is the exact reason why I so very rarely bake anymore, the old hips can't take it!