Monday, February 23, 2009

homemade pasta experiment

Since Ab had to go and get all confessional on us, I guess I too should confess to my addiction. Kitchen gadgets. I have to have them, need them, in fact, it’s like an illness. In my defense, very few of the gadgets I possess have actually been purchased by me, most of them were hand me downs, gifts, or purchased from the thrift store, so I think I am still on the safe side of the addiction.

A week or so ago, a coworker enabled my addiction by gifting me with a pasta roller. I have been coveting the pasta attachment for my mixer for a while now, so this was a welcome gift. Last weekend, inspired by Ab’s plan to actually put her multitudes of dresses to use, and prevent the roller from sitting in my pantry for months, gathering dust, I decided to bust it out and attempt my first homemade pasta.

apparently to be the real deal, you're supposed to do this on the counter and with your fingers, not with a fork.

gotta let those glutens rest!

Pete chose this shape, apparently it's his fave.

I turned to my homegirl Alice Waters for advice and a recipe and she really pulled through. In her book The Art of Simple Food (which was a gift from Pete and fast becoming one of my all time faves) she devotes three pages to pasta making, and that’s even before she gets to the recipe, so I felt pretty confident that I could pull it off. I had a few bumps along the road (it took me a while to figure out how to attach the roller to the counter without it coming loose, and the dough was really dry and wouldn’t come together as easily as I’d hoped) but I’d say my first foray into pasta making was a success.

pasta with sun dried tomatoes in a lemon parmesan cream sauce. delish but not the most photogenic.


  1. how much more delish is pasta you made yourself vs. pasta that comes dried in a box?
    And also, speaking of addiction, i feel like it's a little enabling to make Pete his own pasta on the regs.

  2. fresh made pasta is a totally different beast, the taste and texture was so much more delish, although it could have been the fact that i made it with my own hands. on the other hand, if we are talking about speed, boxed is the way to go, this is not going to be an every day event in the burtuester household.

    i am also fully aware of the fact that one of the main reasons pete asked me to marry him was to ensure the continuation of homemade piiza and pasta in his life. and i am totally ok with that.

  3. i still remember the first time i ever tasted fresh pasta, years and years ago. granted it wasn't freshly homemade in my own home but it still blew my mind. you are inspiring me to make something normally store bought at home....puff pastry?! well done jess!!