Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dance Dance Party Party!!

DDPP is pretty much the best thing ever on a Sunday afternoon (besides brunch of course). DDPP allows me to not feel guilty for laying on the couch watching PBS cooking shows from 11am-3pm. Cause when 4:00 rolls around, I know it’s time to step into my stretch pants, strap on my sports bra and slip on some sneaks. DDPP or Dance Dance Party Party was brought to Philadelphia by my roomie, whose friends friends started it up in New York City. The concept is genius, it’s an all ladies, booze free, judgment free space to let loose and dance your ass off for an hour and a half to incredible cheesy/hip/crazy dance music. It’s an awesome workout and you do it with a smile on your face. DDPP has allowed me to feel free when I dance (sans booze, what a concept!). Don’t get me wrong it took me a few Sunday afternoons to get to this point but I no longer care or am even conscious of what people may think of my moves. I laugh at the memory of my 13 year old self being so self conscious on various Bar/Bat Mitzvah dance floors. I truly believe that it doesn’t matter what or how you move but more importantly you are truly enjoying yourself and having fun. People respect and are drawn to fun. I now welcome and can’t wait for the dance floors, the Bar/Bat Mitzvah party of our generation…the wedding reception. Oh hells yes, keep the engagements coming people!!

So ladies if you are in the Philly area, please join me and my roomie on Sundays, 5-6:30pm at the Arts Parlor, 1170 S. Broad (Ellsworth-Federal Stop on the Broad St. line) $5. We welcome and encourage new DJ’s, now’s your chance to show that DJ at L’etage, 700 Club or whatever dance spot you enjoy, what’s up. But if you happen to live in another city, find your local chapter and shake that fine ass of yours!! I promise you won’t regret it, ok maybe for the first five minutes you will, but you’ll get over it. Moving your body = happiness. Who doesn’t like happiness?! Hope to see you Sunday!!


  1. ok, first things first. welcome back rach. second, the LA branch of ddpp is not currently active. sad face. third, we need to talk about the dj at l'etage. used to be so good, i used to shake my booty there on the regs but now? so, so bad. not to mention the popped collars have taken over. what happened???

  2. incredible post, lil' rach. esp that last link- i almost blew my coffee out of my nose. hilarious. it's good to see you back in the abb swing of things....

    jess, did you email the la chapter peeps? sometimes people don't update their blogs but they still dance every week. def worth a try if you really wanna check it out. and you are SO right about le'tage. we were there a few weekends ago for a friends birthday and it was too packed to move (and certainly too packed for me to bust out my finest sprinkler move...) and the popped collars abounded. it was nasty. this city needs better dance floors!

    oh, and congrats on getting engaged! yay love!

  3. thanks jess and mich! it's good to be back. l'etage is a bit wack now...who knows why?! i'll have to tell you, i went to fluid the other saturday night and it was really fun. good music, the dance floor wasn't too crowded AND no popped collars. amen to better dance floors in philly!!

  4. I loved that my guilt trip worked. Welcome back Rach, glad to know a secret weapon to get you to do whatever i want. hahahahahah (in the evil way).

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