Friday, February 20, 2009


I meant to post this earlier today. I also meant to post earlier in the week. Sorry. I am still in a post-monster truck rally dream state.

I have a few big projects up my sleeves. Involving these:

On a related note, last week, dh and I took a class at Spool and I made this:

i love it...


  1. i love that fabric on the zipper pouch so much.

  2. it was a bedspread. I'll send you some.

  3. hopefully the project with the mermaid prints involves a gift for me. ;-)

  4. i'm loving all the fabrics, especially the first plaid and the mermaid print. i think we should mass produce pouches on one of our "craft afternoons". who doesn't love a gift pouch?!

  5. i love that your zippered pouch features headless birdies...
    and we came so close to a monster truck ride yesterday but alas, we were lied to about the time and were home napping through the ride. sigh.