Wednesday, June 17, 2009

cherries jubilee

i finished the last of these beauties last night. there's only a few more weeks of cherry season left, and i'm feeling the need to make the most of it. i think a visit to a pick your own needs to be on the agenda for the weekend. i have visions of making jam and other assorted delish pastries, but i know most of them will end up in my belly. could be worse.


  1. we are getting cherries in the CSA today. I am really excited but a little sad because it means we aren't getting strawberries anymore.
    Please go to a pick your own this weekend and take so many pictures.

  2. i had the best cherries last night from the farmers market! good call on making the most of the rest of the season....get your cherry pick on!!

  3. I put cherries in my yogurt this morning, mixed with some honey I brought back from France. The honey is by far the most delicious thing i've ever eaten and i would like to eat the entire jar with a spoon.