Saturday, June 6, 2009

saturday morning

i have a new early saturday morning routine. out the door by 9am, pick up a coffee and hit the yard sales. discovered that it really is better to get to there early. 4 light green pyrex bowls for 2 dollars, 2 tennis rackets for 10 bucks and a new purse for 50 cents.


  1. LOVE the excellent pyrex find. i think you need to make jello in them.

  2. what a lovely routine!i'm impressed by the time you get out of the house! my saturday routine hasn't changed but the bounty available at the farmer's market has and it makes me so very excited!! nothing beats a spring time walk to fitler square.....

  3. That sounds like a lovely routine! I never find anything good at thrift stores or yardsales but I haven't given up yet!

  4. ab- i might need a recipe from your book.

    rach- i totally hear you on the change in farmer's market produce. i squealed when i finally saw cherries a few weeks ago, and the stone fruits are back too!

    kikiverde- i used to never find anything at yard sales either until i realized i was just getting there too late!