Sunday, January 18, 2009

ABB LA edition

Greetings from LA.  The Bronsteins invaded the Burton/Huester household and we are an unstoppable foursome.  LA is warm and sunny and we all spent the day outside at the Getty and then touring Malibu.  dh is cat sitting and texted me that she was leaving our sink dripping because pipes are freezing in the Fishtown.  
Tomorrow brings AM farmers market, EAGLES and then the flea market.  Monday is the tar pits.  Pictures will be posted soon.  until then, stay warm east coast.  I'll soak up enough vitamin D to bring back and share.   xoxo 


  1. so jealous! farmers market and flea market in la weather is my kind of a sunday especially with good friends. hope you guys are having the best time and hooray for DH for saving all our plumbing.

  2. aww, shucks, it was nothing!