Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Life, Back to Reality

2009 is here. And to be honest, it couldn't have come sooner. '08 was great, but it was time to say goodbye. After what seems like 21 solid days of drinking, eating more than my annual allotment of butter and red meat, and seeing every family member in the tri-state area, it is time to get back on a schedule. The schedule I need involves a bedtime, a semi-regular physical activity regime, healthier eating and dedicated time to being creative. Minus the work part, I started to get back on track on Friday with my first gym workout in a very long time. On Friday night, we went to El Camino Real and I ordered fish burritos instead of bbq brisket (equally delish, btw). I went to yoga on Saturday morning and then vegged out, first with Heather, then with dh, then with Rach. Girl time is great.

Jessica Mae shared the link to Yoga Today - "free yoga delivered daily." Each 1 hr session is filmed outdoors from Jackson Hole, WY and it was a pleasure to start my Sunday with sun salutations and purposeful breathing without leaving my house. I can definitely see these classes becoming a part of my normal, non-vacation life.

I then went to my cousin's baby's christening. Lil Brianna is precious and I am honored to have been able to step in as the god-mother during the ceremony. I used my brand-new sewing machine (best holiday gift ever, thanks jed) to whip up the cutest baby gift ever - homemade bibs:

The bibs are reversible and couldn't be easier or more satisfying to make. The pattern comes from Bend the Rules Sewing (a book I look through at least twice a month for inspiration). It took me about an hour, start to finish, for all 3 bibs. This was my 2nd attempt at making the bibs and I have to say, I am totally getting better with practice. I'm putting it out here now - if you are my friend and you have a baby, you will get bibs. Start practicing the surprised face now.

As fun as it was for me to sew, it was even better being able to send my cousin back to LA with lil pieces of handmade love.


  1. handmade bibs are the best gift ever btw. you rule. and yay for a routine especially a healthier life type one.

  2. ok, first yay to soul 2 soul on ABB. amazing. secondly, you have just decided for me that i am buying this book asap. you are fast becoming an uber seamstress ab. makes those days of sewing class seem like a distant memory. if only our teacher could see you now!

  3. I was a train wreck in that sewing class. The difference really is in the machine. Have I mentioned enough that I looove my new machine?

  4. that machine is a beauty. i saw ab in action and was quite impressed! can you make me a grown up person bib?