Thursday, January 22, 2009

chocolate toffee cookies

Now I know that the holidays are over and that instead of yummy cookies and festive tarts, we are all trying to focus on good for you salads and hearty soups, but I just can't help it. I made these cookies for our first annual cookie swap at work and meant to talk about them back then, but got sidetracked. I was reminded of them today when, a full 4 weeks after the fact, I got yet another request to make them again. My coworkers are so desperate, they even offered to chip in and buy the ingredients.  That, my friends, is a mighty fine cookie.


Melty chocolatey goodness. Swoon.

Even though the sprinkle of sea salt sounds weird, DO IT. It elevates this cookie from "good", to "we're going to have to log some extra hours climbing the stairs".

Look at all those crackles. 

You can find the recipe here. I deviated from it only in that I skipped, OK, forgot to add the walnuts, and I used Skor bars instead of Heath bars (but I think they are pretty much the same thing right?). Regardless, they are totally delish and would definitely make your weekend a bit better.


  1. these cookies would definitely make my life abb, at least for the 10 min it would take for me to eat them all. thanks!

  2. i just bought some sea salt from maine and can't wait to sprinkle it on these delightful suckers. i am also on the search for health or skor bars made with dark chocolate.....

    good work jessica mae!

  3. my friend Dana made these cookies and brought me one today. omg. jed and i want to know why you didn't bake for us when we visited?

    Also, your photos are beautiful. you inspired me to take my camera's instruction book out of its hiding place and put it on the coffee table because i am almost ready to start learning how to take better pics.