Thursday, January 8, 2009

poladroid, i think i love you

I have always loved Polaroid pictures. There is just something so aesthetically pleasing about the white border, the faded colors, the slight crackling. They make me happy. However, once I finally got around to actually buying a camera, whoops, they went and discontinued the film. is the closest I will get to achieving that vintage look I love, without having to shell out major moolah for the film. It is super easy and totally fun. It even makes the noise a real Polaroid makes when it is spitting out your picture! How can you not love that?

A few thing I learned, that I will now share with you, because I love you:

* Poladroid spits the images out onto your desktop, but saves them elsewhere. To find them, right click and select “show in finder”.

* It took me a while to figure out how to actually remove the initial image off of my desktop, probably because I hadn't had coffee yet or because I am not smart, but anyway, just shut down the app and the images will go bye bye.

* You can only do batches of 10 (just like you can only take 10 pictures with a cartridge of Polaroid film) but if you shut down and restart, you can continue on your merry way.

* You have to wait for the film to “develop”, but if you want it to develop more quickly, you can, as Outkast instructs, just shake it like a Polaroid picture.


  1. I don't understand anything you wrote. Do you upload photos you already took to polodroid? Is it an application for your iphone? pls explain a lil bit more. thank you very much.

  2. if you visit the link, you'll see it is super easy. here is the link to the demo ( i didn't include it because if you look at the link, it is pretty self explanatory and the demo is really long. yes, it is for your computer, hence me talking about saving things on your desktop =)once you have downloaded the app, you just drag and drop your photos.

  3. I did it. very cute, very fun, very addicting.