Tuesday, December 23, 2008

tis the season for baking and other fun stuff

Saturday marked the celebration of Hanukkah....Myers style. There were multiple family members drinking from bottles, yelling, laughing, dancing, gifts of the QVC variety and what's Hanukkah without chocolate shaped like shekels? My momma made some latkes that were out of this world (turns out grease fire gives extra flavor), my Pops was the grill master, turning out his famous filet mignon and salmon. There were also side dishes of garlic, I mean spicy peanut noodles and marinated broccoli. I think people could smell our breath a block away, for reals. Anywho, I contributed this beauty. It was so good, it had people moaning. You should try making this one at home, it's super easy!!

This weekend I also accomplished making cookie gift bags for folks at work. I figured it was easy enough to do with out exhausting myself and who doesn't like cookies? I included chocolate chip, gingersnaps and cranberry pistachio icebox cookies. Something simple, something spicy and something seasonal (looking). I purchased the little clear baggies at AC Moore on Delaware Ave which is a shit hole and I don't recommend shopping there while tired from drinking four nights in a row. But I digress.

thanks gourmet magazine....

gingersnaps (that look kinda like poo patties but taste wonderful...fresh ginger)

the bagging process begins.....


I just like this shot cause it shows the pretty flowers Mich got from our old roomie Evin for graduating college...Congratulations Mich!!!

Today my bff Lara and I dined at XIX for lunch today (I had a gift certificate...thanks Todd!) and it was fantastic! I love XIX like Kanye loves himself, ok that was a corny comparison but this place is great for a special occasion or just an everyday lunch if you are wealthy or maybe just a lady of leisure. You can get the "express" lunch which is a classy ass buffet, all for $19. You choose an entree off the menu then pig out on the salads, cheeses, cured meats and dessert (after the entree of course). I had the fish of the day, mahi mahi which was divine and Lara got the steak which was very tasty. The sauces were on point and the portions were perfect. The dessert selection is heavenly and inspirational. This experience certainly made my day abb. I hope you too can enjoy this gem in the heart of center city.

Merry X-mas! Happy Hanukkah!! I hope you all have a happy, fun and warm holiday.


  1. omg you crack me up. Poo patties! Looks delish. Think I'll be trying out that chocolate tart. Yum.

  2. I totally agree that AC Moore is perhaps the worst place ever to navigate while hangover.
    Also, congrats Mich!!