Monday, December 29, 2008

ab's great in '08 list

I would be amiss if i didn't highlight the nuptials first and foremost. what a great day.

Other great in '08:

* No sugeries

* dh moved around the corner

* jslaughter was 1308's summer intern

* Phillies* abb


  1. Thanks to you and the girls for a great blog - it always makes me smile to read the posts. Each of your unique style and perspective shine through in a genuine and uplifting way. I look forward to it each day!

  2. To be our intern, you have to do things like buy 6 packs of miller high life from Les N Doreens, hang out and watch TV with us, and make dinner 2x a month. are you up for the challenge?

  3. ab, you are one of my great in '08z. yay for new friends!