Tuesday, December 16, 2008

do: homemade gift wrapping

recipe for some good old homemade gift wrapping:

1. wrap package in brown bag paper
(reverse if there are images on one side)


2. create "ribbon" using colored masking tape


3. add crepe paper "bow"
(cut into small squares, affixed atop each other with glue stick, scrunched to perfection)


4. make simple gift labels in word
(my favorite fonts: symbol & wingding for images; academy engraved for alphabet)



  1. it's the little details that make life abb. love the tutorial. I have several gifts that could use your experienced touch.

    2 wrapping related notes:
    1) I bought a gift at Black Cat and was so disappointed in the crappy way the self-important girl wrapped it. she didn't use enough paper!

    2) I saw a Motrin commercial that featured a "real Motrin user." This woman's business is going to people's houses and wrapping their gifts for them. She uses motrin bc she is always bending over a table. She did not do nearly as good of a job you, my dear dh. also you are MUCH cuter, on the whole. just so you know.

  2. can you come to LA and wrap my gifts?

    i used to love wrapping my gifts in the comic section from the newspaper. now that i don't get the paper, maybe ye old brown bag will be the replacement. it is simple, but so pretty and efffective. i love the masking tape too, but i am a hard-core fan of the twine and/or raffia for the ribbon/bow. i think it's the hippie left in me.