Wednesday, December 3, 2008

everything i want

along with multiple inspiration binders chock-full of ideas we can’t wait to steal, erin left this list. everything i want… i love the title. and i love what it conjures in me. i now live in erin’s house with my bf, mrm, and together we are experiencing the same endless and impassioned desire to make that little house a bit better with each swing of a hammer and repurposing of found wood. one day after slavishly painting our tiny kitchen (brick walls are a b*tch!), he said, yep, babe, we did it—we made the kitchen a bit better… erin would be proud. mrm, who as far as i could tell had never had a callous or used a power tool, now thinks it is so cool that you can register for wedding gifts at home depot.

and in the spirit of wanting more and becoming a bit better, i’d like to introduce another new abb blogger. she’s shameless about celebrity internet-stalking and casually bringing up with her bf, at the most opportune moments, that one month when they broke up. but to us she is equal parts gardener, cooker, explorer, and—i’m proud to say—friend. a warm welcome for little miss jh!


  1. i cant explain how much i love this list! thanks for sharing it with us, e. and you too, dh!

  2. Tiny Muse thought of everything (We do still need curtains for our living room).

    ...and it's hands are soft like silk.

  3. I miss her so much. we're all so glad you guys are in the house and taking such good care of it. thanks for this.