Thursday, December 18, 2008

caramel delights

In the spirit of trying to make the holidays a bit better by not stressing out over money, I have been trolling the internet for ideas of gifts I can make instead of buy. Last year, I gifted the attorneys I worked for with a package of assorted baked treats I had made, and it went over really well, in fact, I was pretty much the rock star of assistants. This year, I decided to stick with just one type of homemade treat, again with the low stress, and I wanted to branch out from my usual repertoire and try something new.

This recipe for homemade salted caramels uses ingredients you either have already in your house, or are fairly inexpensive to buy. I deviated from the recipe in the fact that I only had a 9x13 pan, so after it had cooled in the pan for a bit, I removed it and rolled the caramel into two “logs” and let it continue cooling before cutting it. I sprinkled the sea salt on the top, but when I rolled it up, it disappeared. I think next time I will wait and sprinkle it on the top of the log so you can see it. It would be equally as great without the sea salt if you either don’t have any or just aren’t ready for the investment.

I wrapped each one up individually in parchment paper and plan to put them in some sort of jar or baggie to gift. That is, if I don’t eat them all.

Brilliant thought for the day: you could put them on a stick, dip them in melted chocolate and make your own Sugar Daddies!


  1. These look so lovely! I hope Santa brings me a little jar or baggie of homemade caramels! well done jessica mae.

  2. what a great gift. i bet they taste like heaven. Ina would be so proud! i would love to dip one of these bad boys into some really dark chocolate....yumm. great job!