Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cherry Pie Anyone?

Pop! Hear that folks? That’s the sound of my blogging cherry being dismantled. Sorry if I have offended you but please do join me as I delve into the blogosphere. First off, I would like to thank AB and DH for allowing me to contribute. I appreciate them both for giving me a voice and having faith that I will not suck. The following are some of my thoughts and aspirations for ABB; trying really hard to be funny, using correct grammar (gotta make my momma proud), sharing my knowledge of baking while learning along the way and possibly inspiring folks, giving my friends in relationships the opportunity to live vicariously through me or possibly making them glad they have an old ball and chain at home. But most importantly I hope to find my voice as a writer and have some fun, because really, that’s what I do best!! I am going to take this glorious opportunity and run with it damn it!!! Here goes nothing!!!


  1. Good luck RKM! I'll be following your journey to the blogosphere closely!

  2. didn't used to like cherry pie but feeling an odd and intense craving for it now...