Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Little Elf

I've been holding off on my holiday crafty present post until after the holidays, but i can't wait any more days. JML - pretend to be surprised on Saturday. Most other people have already received and claimed to enjoy the gift I am most proud about:

Jared apple butter accompanied by one or more home-sewed tea bags filled with home-blended tea mixes.
The tea bags are the cutest things i've ever made. I went to the Italian Market a few weeks ago with dh and picked up ingredients for 2 different blends:

Spiced Black Tea and Green Tea Chamomile (for the preggers or nursing). I wanted to sew muslin tea bags, but i quickly became overwhelmed because should i pre-wash the muslin? will all of the detergent come out? is that gross? i thought it was gross, so i used coffee filters. I sewed the bags using a pastel mint green thread and i have to say, they are adorable.

Not sure if ABB will post tomorrow, but knowing Jessica Mae, she will want to show off her Oma's cookies. I'm off to meet my girl ds for a glass of sparkling. Safe, healthy and happy holidays to you!

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  1. ab, i am so proud of your DIY christmas. those tea bags are pretty much the cutest thing ever. what kind of spices are in the black tea bags?