Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i heart saturdays

For the past month or so I’ve found myself following a lovely Saturday morning routine. For some strange reason I have been able to keep my Friday evening/late night binge drinking at bay which equals feeling great the next morning. Who knew?! Maybe it’s just the winter and wanting to stay warm home curled up on the couch on-demanding 30 Rock or maybe I’m just growing up. Regardless let me share my glorious routine;

There is really no better way to start your weekend then some downward dogs, warrior I, warrior II, maybe a little crow or my favorite, corpse pose. Okay, maybe I can think of some other fun Saturday morning activities that include various poses but that is not to be discussed on the internets:). Yoga has become my first favorite activity to start my weekend. However brunch comes a close (really close) second, which brings me to the next step of my routine.

Brunch eaten at home or dining out brings me great levels of happiness and joy. I’ve been creating different delish brunches for myself and sometimes my HLP (heterosexual life partner) which are as follows;
* Sautéed shallots and leeks mixed into brown rice, with fried eggs placed on top, seasoned with hot sauce of choice. For those of you who eat bacon, break up a crispy piece or two and mix it into the rice. This meal comes from the Laurence Myers arsenal of dishes and as he says, “you can’t lose with the shit I use”
*Potato latkes made with shallots and leeks, sautéed to a golden brown with fried eggs on top. One of my favs, which I owe to my bro who btw, no longer eats eggs but he can make a mean latke
*Heuvos rancheros done white girl style, I sauté black beans with onions, mash them onto corn tortillas and of course a fried egg goes on top. Served with a side of tomato, basil and cucumber salad (when tomatoes taste good or are in season)
*Scrambled eggs with sautéed shallots, mushrooms, thyme and goat cheese. Usually with a side of super limey guacamole

What are some of your favorite brunch meals? I have cycled through my favs and am looking to add some new dishes to my brunch family. Please feel free to share, I am in need of some inspiration!

Here’s to activities, routines, or time well spent to make life abb.


  1. my fave is to go super simple with some good toasted bread (no wonder bread here, i'm talking about a good french boule), toasted, with butter and a couple of poached eggs (or as we call them in my house, poachies) with some sea salt and pepper. and of course, a good cup of coffee.

    now the real question is, when you slap a fried egg on your dish, are we talking about runny yolk or no runny yolk??

  2. I feel like the 10:30 Saturday a.m. yoga class is worth my gym membership (bc seriously, i'm not going during the week). I looove it. but can you imagine being able to do that pictured pose???!!

    Also, RKM, how come you never invite me over for brunch? WTF?

  3. i heart popovers about as much as i heart my man. slather them jawns with some honey butter and it's a done deal. or sometimes i'll make some scrambled eggs with smoked cheddar and scallion and then FILL the popover with the eggy mix. whoa now.

  4. 1) my fried eggs are always runny yoked. i'm an over medium kinda girl.

    2) poached eggs sound wonderful. i used to make soft boiled eggs to dip toast in which is sooo good.

    3) ab, it's on...how about a post holiday brunch at my place! i'll make a quiche and we'll sip on some bubbly.

    4) popovers with scrambled eggs...watch out! i will def be making this in the near future.

    thanks for sharing ladies!!

  5. the vegan says: tofu scramble with 'sausage', onions, roasted pepper, sundried tomatoes. i second the good toast and of course coffee, or booze. i prefer booze.

  6. I prefer a light breakfast of: 4 fried eggs over sleazy, bacon, sausage, scrapple, canadian bacon, pork roll, and to make it healthy...wheat toast.