Thursday, December 11, 2008

my thumb is turning green

Back in July, a few weeks after we moved to this fair city, I took a class at HomeGrown Los Angeles, a company that educates city dwelling folk like myself about urban gardening. The class I took was focused on container gardening and at the end of the class I got to take home this totally awesome salad garden that I had planted.

Looks yummy right? Well, folks, I am sad to say that this container garden did not yield tasty results. The woman across the way moved out and gifted me with her half dead, unbeknownst to me, mite infested ficus, which in turn infested my beautiful fragile greens. Everything but the parsley had to be pulled. Sad face.

However, I eventually found the strength to carry on and replaced them all and I am proud to say I ate my very first salad comprised of greens grown by my own hand last week. And you know what? They are so totally delish. Bagged salad ain’t got nothing on my greens.


  1. yay for you! Way to make your tiny outdoor spot work. ps, enjoy your skin colored thumbs while they last because they'll be green for the rest o' your life.

  2. so glad you found the strength to carry on the dream of greens! on my new found bring my lunch to work kick, so i can afford my drinking/entertainment habit, i've been buying greens for salads. i'm sure yours are ten times better!!