Tuesday, December 9, 2008

getting sh*t done

For three months now I have had multiple tasks to cross off on my ever present to do list. I love me some lists but I don’t love actually doing the things on my list, call me crazy or just plain old lazy. I’m sure therapy could help me through this issue of denial and procrastination but I’ll save that for another day. But today was a good day my friends, I was a bonefide grownup and got shit done! What might you ask did I accomplish? Let me list them and hopefully not bore you to death:

Roll over my 401k from my old job into an IRA
This may not seem like a difficult task for you financially savvy folk but if not given a deadline of a blackout period (this is too long and boring to describe) I would have avoided this task forever. However, I can and do recommend Vanguard (based in Valley Forge, PA) in case you were looking to open up an IRA. My customer service representative Allison was so very friendly and helpful. She walked me through the whole process without making me feel like a dummy, thank you Allison!

Register for classes
As a Drexel employee I get to take advantage of all the undergraduate classes my heart desires. I have high hopes these courses will help remove the cob webs that have formed in my massive dome piece. I’m also hoping there will be a selection of fine man cubs who wouldn’t mind a cougar (in training) of the short and curvy kind. But who am I kidding? I’ll be taking a Nutrition, Foods and Health course; I’ll be surrounded by young ladies (maybe a manorexic) who know how many calories they have ingested since 2005. But no judgment, I welcome whatever comes my way!

I won’t mention the rest of the mundane crap that remains on my list. But to all the procrastinators out there, I wish you the best of luck getting shit done. It really does make life abb.


  1. you just made this humdrum tuesday afternoon abb. you also reminded me that i haven't rolled over my 401k yet either. so thanks for making my to do list a bit longer.

  2. I cannot wait for all of the cougar stories! I promise to be an excellent wing girl.

    ps, way to do those grown up things.

  3. ab, you better not be too excelant a wing girl... Remember you're married to the very mustached Bul Bubak

  4. Also, I just read that Jennifer Aniston is staring in a movie called Pumas, which she calls "sort of a female Wedding Crashers" about two "aspiring cougars." So maybe she can be your new mentor.

  5. omg. i too saw that jennifer aniston is making that movie and IMMEDIATELY thought of you rach.